This new ‘Supergirl’ poster sent me down a bizarre Internet rabbit hole

06.12.15 2 years ago


Some days you go to write a quick piece about something and the rabbit hole abyss stretches open and you fall in. Today was one of those days.

A new(?) piece of promotional art for “Supergirl” on CBS has been circulating this morning. It”s pretty amazing, capturing the hopeful feel of the show. Dawn is rising, the color palette has no hint of Sepia Grit™, and Supergirl is flying with confidence.

Image Credit: CBS

But it”s also blurry due to poor quality. Hoping for higher resolution, I traced the image back to SpoilerTV. Yet there was nary an original source link to be found. Undeterred, my Google-Fu finally unearthed the original: a tiny thumbnail on Warner Bros. website.

How long had it been there? No way to know. This Supergirl poster isn”t anywhere to be found on their official Twitter or Facebook accounts. But there WAS something else on the Supergirl Facebook page.

This image:

Image Credit: CBS

Curiously, the image was from the comments under this post from May 15th and not official art. Curiouser still, the same banner popped up the day before during an edit of the “Supergirl” Wikipedia page, from a now defunct user. Some digging – re: Google image search – indicated this banner might be the title screen from the pilot when it leaked. But that didn't happen until a week after this was showing up everywhere, so who knows? (I didn't watch the pilot yet so anybody who can confirm/deny this, please do so!)

This is not to say anything strange or nefarious is going on here. It”s just an inside look at the massive bale of hay the Internet can turn into when looking for a source needle. Regardless of origin, Supergirl looks ready to take on the world. Time to play “Fight Song” on a loop for the rest of the day!

“Supergirl” will air on CBS starting October 26, 2015!

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