This ‘True Detective’ Bootleg DVD Cover WIll Blow. Your. Mind.

06.25.14 3 years ago

“True Detective” is now a Jean Claude Van Damme action movie from 1993 – at least according to the delirious cover of his bootleg DVD posted on Reddit, which includes an obviously fake quote from the “Chicago Sun Times” (“Amazing Perform. Full Frontal Action”), lots of explosions and – most baffling of all – the Eiffel Tower (or at least Vegas's McMansion version of the Eiffel Tower). Because…for why, exactly? Also, I'm convinced that bird at top left is the “Hunger Games” mockingjay immediately after being taken down by buckshot. And why yes, that IS Matthew McConaughey's head pasted onto Brad Pitt's body! I don't know why, you guys. I don't. But god love the enterprising individual who put this thing together. #blessed

(via Jezebel)

True Detective bootleg DVD cover

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