13 Times ‘The Walking Dead’ Characters Definitely Should Have Looked Back

01.08.14 4 years ago


The zombie genre has been experiencing something of a Renaissance lately. Almost in tandem with the superhero genre. Which probably correlates somehow but that’s an entirely different post. The surge of undead interest has been spear-headed by AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ which returns to television on Sunday, February 9th. To celebrate, AMC released the following poster to drum up excitement. However the tag line ironically flies in the face of everyone’s zombie survival plan (don’t lie you have one)…

However, this terrible survival advice could actually explain a lot. Because the characters don’t seem to check their six on the regular. It’s a wonder half of them are still alive with such a cavalier attitude towards surprise attacks. For example…

#1: Rick pulls a classic rookie mistake, screams for his family and gets a shovel to the face for his trouble.

#2: Andrea – lost in thought? – doesn’t hear the distinct rustle of a walker taking a stroll in the woods.

And these two are just scratching the surface of the problem. Some characters fall victim to the “Don’t Look Back” mantra more than others, while others take every advantage of this literal blind spot. See at least ## more times people definitely should have looked back after the jump!

*Warning* There are spoilers all the way up through the end of the first half of season four ahead!

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