Tina Fey-Meryl Streep dream pairing ‘Mommy & Me’ probably not happening

09.28.12 5 years ago

AP Photo

That Tina Fey-Meryl Streep movie you may have heard about? Eh, yeah, it’s probably best to forget about that.

“It seems to have fallen apart for now,” said Fey of the project – which would have seen the “30 Rock” star playing a woman forced to move back in with her mother after losing her job – in a recent interview with EW. So what was the issue exactly?

“The script went through a lot of permutations and almost got made, and then didn”t,” continued Fey, who admitted it was disappointing while also acknowledging, “but it”s also something that you want to come together correctly. All the parties involved were a dream – Stanley Tucci was involved too [as director]. I would definitely still want to do something with all parties.”

After all, there’s nothing like learning from the best.

“The headline I saw was ‘Tina Fey to Receive Acting Lessons on Camera from Meryl Streep,'” remarked Fey. “That”s about right. Maybe something else will come together some day.”

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