‘Tintin’ adds Jamie Bell and Daniel Craig to the cast

01.26.09 9 years ago 8 Comments

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Well, then.  “Tintin” just got a title, some new confirmed cast members and co-screenwriters, and a whoooooooole lot more interesting all at the same time.

The film is now officially called “The Adventures Of Tintin: Secret Of The Unicorn,” according to Variety.  That’s one of the best-loved of the Tintin stories created by Hergé, and it appears that Stephen Moffat had some help on the script from Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish.  That news alone would push this way up the list of things I’m dying to see right now, but there have also been some new developments with the cast.

Jamie Bell is now set to star as Tintin, and I think that’s a hell of a good choice.  Bell’s been getting better and better over the last few years, and even in a weaker effort like “Jumper,” he stands out.  Even better, Daniel Craig’s been added as pirate Red Rackham, one of Tintin’s recurrent enemies in the comic stories.

The movie has finally started production after a fairly rocky pre-production, where money kept falling in and then falling out again.  Reaction to the announced motion-capture CGI adaptations of the long-running illustrated adventure series has been decidedly mixed so far.  There are a ton of people my age or younger who don’t really know the character or the material as they never really broke huge in America.  I remember reading Tintin in Boy’s Life magazine when I was a little kid, and I hunted down the book collections and read them all over the years.  I’m excited about these, in no small part because of a great documentary on Hergé that I saw on PBS in the last few years.

And with a team like this in place?  Keep in mind, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are playing the Thompson Twins, Andy Serkis is Captain Haddock, and Toby Jones and Mackenzie Crook are also part of the cast.  Paramount and Sony are co-financing the films, with Spielberg directing the first one and Peter Jackson onboard to direct the second one.

Honestly, I’d bet money that “The Adventures Of Tintin: Secret Of The Unicorn” is going to be one of 2011’s most unusual films, and I’m eager to get a look at what it is they’re up to.

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