Today in Christmas: My Morning Jacket, JoJo, Glee and Sondre Lerche

12.21.11 6 years ago

That’s right. My Morning Jacket played Madison Square Garden. Not just in your dreams.

And on Dec. 14, Jim James brought a little Bing Crosby with him. The lead singer performed a slow, cokey version of “I’ll Be Home For Christmas.” Check it below, and see the band’s cover of Gil Scott-Heron (RIP) while you’re at it.

Sondre Lerche didn’t cover a Christmas carol, per se, but his gift to the world this 2011 holiday season is a cover of Beyonce. The pop-loving crooner does a take of “Countdown,” which is by no coincidence made a lot of critics’ top singles lists this year, and made the top of the musicians’.

“This year, it”s officially a tradition: for the third time my annual Christmas gift to you is my humble solo acoustic version of someone else”s song; my favorite of the year, no less,” Lerche told Stereogum. “That being said, the trick is to get passed the novelty-factor and just sing a beautiful song at the best of your abilities. Obviously, a significant part of this song”s appeal and ecstatic energy comes from the dizzying vocal performance and the mind-blowingly cool production work – elements and talents useless to even attempt replicating (especially not in my father in-law”s basement). But as long as there”s a song underneath, there”s a way.

Lerche’s previous Christmas covers were Animal Collective”s “Bluish” and Owen Pallett”s “Lewis Takes Off His Shirt.” But now… who wants black diamonds under the tree?

“Santa Baby” is part of the reason why men assume women only care about money (which is untrue: we like shoes, too). But, hey, if you love “Glee” and aren’t sick of the chimney entendre, then check out Santana do the ditty in this deleted scene.

I’ve been giving plenty of nods to A/V Club’s “Under Cover” Christmas edition, but I love me some “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” and some John Darnielle. Listen to the goaty Mountain Goats man give ‘er a whirl.

That Grape Juice got dibs on “The Christmas Song” That Former Teen Star JoJo, who is now 21. It has massive reverb and some of those superfluous “mm-hms” in there for those who like your chestnuts extra-crispy.

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