Tom Cruise’s son and Josh Hutcherson join ‘Red Dawn’

08.10.09 8 years ago

AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tom Cruise’s son Connor Cruise, Josh Hutcherson, Isabel Lucas and Edwin Hodge will become the latest Wolverines to revolt against Chinese and Russian forces on American soil.

Hutcherson, best known for his role in “Bridge to Terabithia,” will play Robert the group’s tech geek.  The part in the original 1984 film was played by C. Thomas Howell.

In a noteworthy development, Cruise’s 14-year-old son Connor has signed up to play Daryl, the son of the town’s mayor and Robert’s best buddy.  The younger Cruise made his movie debut playing a younger Will Smith in last winter’s “Seven Pounds.” The elder Cruise is the head of United Artists.

Lucas will play Erica, a role originated by Lea Thompson.  Her character is the local high school’s head cheerleader and the girlfriend of Peck’s character he hopes to rescue from an interment camp.  Lucas made waves as the seductive and human looking decepticon in “Transformers: Revenge of the  Fallen.”

Hodge recently appeared on the FOX summer series “Mental.”  The 23-year-old actor has signed on to play Danny who happens to be the coolest kid in school, a star wide receiver and one of the founders of the resistance.

The entire cast will begin military training soon in anticipation of a start date next month.  MGM has already announced a Sept. 24, 2010 release date for the picture.

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