Tom Hiddleston Is On Fire Right Now, Prompts ‘Tompocalypse’

01.29.14 7 Comments

It is a well-known fact that the Internet loves Tom Hiddleston. And Tom Hiddleston loves the Internet. But it wasn’t until recently that the media at large realized there was free money in the bank to be had by taking advantage of this symbiotic relationship. And then – in one delightful moment – they all had the same idea.

Tom Hiddleston in a suit. Or shirtless. Or both. Brilliant! Thus, Tompocalypse 2014 rumbled to life.

It began innocently enough. On January 16th, Jaguar teased their latest Super Bowl ad with the slogan #GoodToBeBad. The campaign featured Hiddleston for exactly eleven seconds, driving a Jag and making statements that could be construed as implications of murder or sex. Or both. Ladies (and gentlemen) the world over swooned.

A week later, just when the fervor had calmed down, Donmar Warehouse released this video on January 24th about ‘Coriolanus’, featuring Hiddleston shirtless, reading a newspaper, while being covered in body make-up. As if that weren’t bad enough, the video moves on to sword-fighting and push-ups complete with heavy breathing. Are you trying to kill us, Donmar Warehouse? BECAUSE YOU’RE SUCCEEDING.

The wheels were in motion now. Behind-the-scenes gongs were ringing across the media land, fires being lit to let all of branding know ‘It is time. Time to unleash the Tompocalypse on an unsuspecting populace. ‘

January 27th, 2014 – Ground Zero

Footage is released from the ‘Thor: The Dark World’ DVD featuring Tom Hiddleston acting as Loki acting as Captain America. Complete with the Cap’s suit. This version was later sent to Chris Evans so he could mimic Hiddleston in the final scene. So what ended up in the final cut was Chris Evans acting like Tom Hiddleston acting like Loki acting like Captain America. *INCEPTION MUSIC*

On top of that Yahoo! got a hold of another clip from the ‘Thor: The Dark World’ DVD  that showcases Hiddles in his screen-test. For THOR. Blonde locks and Mjolnir and muscle shirts , oh my.

Not yet content with their handiwork, Yahoo! turned up another GIF from the screen test, one that sent ovaries across the nation spontaneously combusting.

January 28th, 2014 – The Wreckage

The defenses of the female population – and a not insignificant portion of the male population – are devastated, allowing Jaguar to move in for the kill. That ten second clip from the 16th awoke from its slumber to become a full-fledged commercial. 

Yes. Yes Jaguar. We cannot withstand such a continuous onslaught of Hiddleston’s face. We surrender. Is this the end of the Tompocalypse? Considering Elle UK has an exclusive interview and video coming out on Thursday, this is but a slight reprieve.

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