Tommy Lee Jones, Samuel L. Jackson reunite for ‘Limited’ HBO film

08.21.09 8 years ago

For the first time since 2000’s “Rules of Engagement,” Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel L. Jackson will appear together in a film, this time for “The Sunset Limited.”

The HBO movie, to be directed by Jones, is based off the Cormac McCarthy play of the same name; it starts filming next month in New Mexico, according to Variety. Jackson plays a man who saves another man, Jones, from killing himself by getting hit by a subway. The two then start a dialouge about the worth of a man’s life.

Jones has worked on two other projects with McCarthy as its main muse. Coen Brothers film “No Country For Old Men” and “Blood Meridian” were both McCarthy-inspired scripts.

“The Sunset Limited” play made its way originally through Steppenwolf, in Chicago three year ago, before going Off-Broadway.

Jones and Jackson just finished work on upcoming films “The Company Men” and “Unthinkable” plus “Mother and Child,” respectively. Jones is prepping the script and his own starring role in the Ernest Hemingway “Ialands in the Stream” film adaptation.

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