Tony Stark’s Alter Ego, Robert Downey Jr., Finally Joined Twitter

04.11.14 4 years ago 2 Comments

In the end, social media consumes us all. Oh sure, celebrities may fight it but they know they won't win. The latest star to send up the white flag in surrender is none other than Tony Stark.

Oh sure, he might be using his alter ego of Robert Downey Jr. but really, we all know the truth, Marvel. You've been secretly engineering actual superheroes for decades, releasing them into the wild to grow up with human parents, and then 'casting' them as themselves in your films. What other explanation could their be for this kind of blurring between fantasy and reality? Just look at his first tweet.


Even his Twitter Bio is pure Tony Stark snark. You're reading it in his voice right now, aren't you? Welcome to the social media jungle, Tony. And don't worry, your meta secret identity is safe with us.

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