Watch: ‘Total Recall’ star Colin Farrell talks meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger

07.19.12 6 years ago 4 Comments

Colin Farrell unfortunately never got the chance to discuss his role in the “Total Recall” remake with original star Arnold Schwarzenegger. Why? The former Governator wouldn’t call him back.

“I called him. He wouldn’t return my calls, wouldn’t text me back, nothin’,” said the actor, speaking to us on the Comic-Con press line for Len Wiseman’s upcoming version of the Philip K. Dick story.

Ok, so we’re pretty sure he was joking (I did kinda bait him into it). Nevertheless, Farrell did meet the action superstar nearly a decade ago, long before he knew he would be reinterpreting the Schwarzenegger-originated role of Douglas Quaid on the big screen.

“I met him in 2003 I think in Dublin, at the Special Olympics…yes, indeed,” he told me. “But he’s floating around, isn’t he, somewhere? Shouldn’t be hard to spot.”

Schwarzenegger was indeed at Comic-Con this year (read my wrap-up of Thursday’s boisterous “Expendables 2” panel here), though I’m guessing he may have left the premises by the time of Farrell’s arrival on Friday. Still, it would be interesting to see these two very different versions of Quaid meet up face to face, no?

For the rest of my brief interview with Farrell, during which he also tells me which scene glimpsed in the “Total Recall” trailer required over 20 takes to shoot, click on the embedded video at the top of the page!

“Total Recall” hits theaters on August 3.

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