Trailer for ‘Invention Of Lying’ by Ricky Gervais premieres online

06.26.09 8 years ago 2 Comments

Warner Bros.

Honestly, this is one of films I am most looking forward to right now, and this trailer only makes that worse.

Right now, the trailer is an exclusive to Yahoo! Movies UK, so rather than steal it and embed it and screw them out of their traffic (cougheveryonecough), I’m going to direct you to go check it out over there.

Hopefully, we’ll have our coverage of this film starting soon.  I think the script is one of those rare comedy scripts that not only has something to say, but that message is woven into every joke, every beat, every idea in the movie.  This is an attempt to analyze the way truth and lies are entertwined in our daily lives to such an extent that it is folly to try to remove one or to deny that they are both essential to the social contract.  I know… that sounds like heady stuff for a comedy, but the trailer does a very strong job of setting up the basics of the premise.

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Basically, Gervais plays a guy named Mark who lives in an alternative version of our world where no one has ever told a lie.  Not even an exaggeration.  Not even hyperbole.  It’s truth only, all the time, to a painful degree, until the day Mark tries out a lie and realizes that he has the ability to reshape reality itself, since no one else understands exactly what it is he’s doing.  This leads to riffs on sex, religion, politics, and the nature of art, and it provides great roles for very funny people like Tina Fey, Louis CK, Rob Lowe, Jennifer Garner, and John Hodgman, among others.

The photo you see here is from one of the sequences I saw them shooting when I went to Boston, in which Garner, who plays one of Mark’s best friends, is getting ready for a date with Lowe, who she says makes more sense as a partner “since he won’t give me fat little pug-nosed babies.”  Truth and kindness don’t really seem related in this one.

The film’s out in October in the UK, and later this year here in the US.

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