Travel Day (5.13.09)

05.13.09 9 years ago

I’m out the door in just a few minutes, on my way to New Orleans, where I’ll be joining a small group on the set of “Jonah Hex.”

I dare not hope to see Megan Fox in a corset.

I’m sure whatever we do see will be suitably impressive, though, and it should be a good trip.  There’s plenty of content ahead, though, once I’m at the hotel tonight.  I’ll be recapping tonight’s “Lost” season finale, and if it’s not quite real time, it’ll be close.  I’ve got some other articles I’ll be fine-tuning on the plane as well, and I’m going to try to make sure there’s plenty for you to read tonight and tomorrow while I’m braving the bayous.

In the meantime, the rest of the HitFix staff is here to keep you entertained, and I hope you make sure to check out all the best breaking movie, music, and TV news.

I’ll be back online as soon as possible.

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