Donald Trump calls Ben Carson a ‘loser’ in disappearing ‘SNL’ promo

11.05.15 2 years ago


NBC “accidentally” released not-for-air promos for the upcoming Donald Trump-hosted “Saturday Night Live,” including one where the Republican presidential candidate calls rival Ben Carson a “complete and total loser.”

The promos were up for several hours before the mistake was realized, and have since been replaced with Ben Carson-insult-free ads. According to NBC News' Peter Alexander, the “wrong” YouTube link was posted with three “not for air” promos, including the Carson one. (Maybe Trump's “young intern” did it?)

Fortunately, the ads were posted on the internet, where such mistakes are quickly and easily forgotten:


Asked to comment on the promos, Carson told Deadline that “those tactics really are for grade school” and “I've gone far beyond that now.” 

Trump's hosting gig has been protested by Hispanic groups because the candidate called undocumented immigrants from Mexico rapists and drug dealers. NBC once seemed to agree with those protestors, and “end[ed] its business relationship” with Trump back in June “due to the recent derogatory statements by Donald Trump regarding immigrants.” 

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