‘Tudors’ producers bringing ‘Vikings’ to History Channel

03.13.12 6 years ago


Cable network History is getting into the scripted drama game, giving a full season order to the historical drama “Vikings” from MGM and the creative team behind Showtime’s “The Tudors.”

“Tudors” creator Michael Hirst (who also wrote the 1998 Oscar-winning “Elizabeth” and its 2007 sequel) will act as head writer and Executive Producer, along with “Tudors” vets Morgan O”Sullivan and John Weber (“The Borgias”), and Sherry Marsh and Alan Gasmer.

“There is no better way to introduce the world to the new MGM Television Studios than with a powerful and epic drama like ‘Vikings’,” said MGM’s Roma Khanna in a release. “We are thrilled to be able to bring History their first scripted series. Lead by Michael Hirst, this team of award-winning story-tellers will bring to life the mythical warriors, explorers and everyday people that will enrapture audiences. We look forward to using MGM”s global reach to introduce ‘Vikings’ to viewers around the world.”

“Personally, I have had a long interest in Viking culture, in pagan mythology and the brilliant and mysterious stories of gods, giants and human beings which make up the Norse sagas,” added Hirst. “There is something so vital and exciting in the fact that most contemporary cultures were shaped and affected by men and women who emerged from the lonely fastness of Scandinavia in the dark ages of the 8th Century and navigated vast oceans and rivers in boats of magnificent craftsmanship to conquer and to colonize. In a way, we are all Vikings now. In popular culture, in the cinema, yesterday and today, Viking culture and Viking gods are used to create lethal drama. But it’s a cheap and cartoonish representation; a lazy nod in the direction of something truly deep and significant. How much better to dramatize what really happened! Working with MGM, History and the show producers I want to get closer to the truth. Because the truth is more unbelievable than anything you could imagine.”

“This is an amazing crossroads for History embarking on our first scripted series,” said History’s Nancy Dubuc. “People think they know about the Vikings – we see references to them all the time in our popular culture from TV commercials to football teams – but the reality is so much more fascinating and complex, more vivid, visceral and powerful than popular legend. We will explore the mysteries of the Vikings – the adventures they took and the people who led them. And we will start to understand a past that is very much part of our collective DNA today.”

The series will be shot in Ireland and Northern Europe

“Vikings” will premiere on History in 2013.

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