TV Land will celebrate ‘The Brady Bunch’s’ Alice with a 12-hour marathon

06.05.14 4 years ago

TV Land will celebrate “The Brady Bunch”s” Alice with a 12-hour marathon
Saturday”s marathon in honor of Ann B. Davis airs from 6 am to 6 pm.

Jeremy Sisto joins “The Returned”
The “Suburgatory” alum will co-star opposite Kevin Alejandro, playing a psychologist who helps people struggling with grief when zombies start appearing.

Why do we watch “Game of Thrones” reaction videos?
Is there some catharsis in seeing somebody experiencing a shocking scene for the first time?

“Orange is the New Black” is beating “House of Cards” in online buzz
Social media mentions for the new season of the Netflix series are far exceeding Kevin Spacey”s political drama. But “Cards” is still tops on Wikipedia.

Why are women in prison all the rage on TV?
It”s not just “Orange is the New Black.” Women have been put in prison recently on “Justified,” “Sons of Anarchy” and “Shameless.” The other showrunners say the Netflix hit didn't influence them. They just wanted to have storylines with female antiheroes.

Jimmy Fallon”s success hasn”t really hurt Letterman or Jimmy Kimmel
In fact, Fallon”s “Tonight Show” has brought in new younger viewers to late-night. PLUS: Here is KROQ “Sports Guy” Kimmel in the 90s.

“Dancing”s” Amy Purdy to serve as a guest model on “The Price is Right”
The Paralympic athlete reunites with fellow “Dancing” star Drew Carey next week.

A Hamptons landlord is getting a lot of flak for renting a storefront to the Kardashians
“Kourtney & Khloé Take the Hamptons” began filming on Tuesday, and landlord Irma Herzog has been bombarded by angry comments from neighbors and people online.

“House of Cards” is holding an open casting call for actors with a “DC political look”
The casting notice for Saturday is for everybody, but you have to be “dressed to showcase your DC political look.”

“Modern Family” became selective in casting big-name guest-stars because it didn”t want to become “Will & Grace”
“Early days in the series, we had a lot of names on, and there was kind of a backlash, like, oh, is this turning into ‘Will and Grace?”” says casting director Jeff Greenberg. “The show didn”t need to rely on guest stars, and we really want to choose the right person for the part.”

“SNL”s” Jay Pharaoh: “Hopefully I'll get a chance to show people an even more in-depth picture of Jay Pharoah”
Pharoah points out that in his 4th season, he kind of got away from doing impressions to doing more characters. “There are characters that haven't got on that have killed,” he says, adding: I feel like people are starting to see it, and that's good because I'm not just a person who does voices or impressions. This season has been great as far as people saying, 'You're coming into your own.””

Jessica Pare speculates on Megan”s “Mad Men” fate
How much will she appear in the final episodes?

“Girls” set photos reveal spoilers
Who”s that with Gillian Jacobs?

On “Louie”s” attempted rape scene: “Boy, is it a risk”
“If you don”t follow up on what happened, you can trivialize it,” says James Poniewozik. “If you do follow up, yes, it can be bold and socially valuable to show that audience that, look: guys who do this sort of thing don”t walk around with labels on their forehead.”

“Bob”s Burgers” meets Beyonce
Check out a mashup with Beyonce's “Partition” video.

Watch Amy Poehler as an intense soccer coach
It”s her latest Old Navy ad.

ABC moving “Black Box” to 8 pm
“Black Box” will return June 19 to air its remaining episodes.

TV”s comedy showrunners trade war stories
They also talk about niche shows, keeping their casts happy and ejaculation shots.

How TV evolved in working around pregnant actresses
Producers have come up with all sorts of ways to conceal a real-life pregnancy, from computer graphics to using body doubles.

Ian Somerhalder named a United Nations goodwill ambassador for its Environment Program
“The Vampire Diaries” star has been committed to environmental causes.

“The Wil Wheaton Project” is hurting itself by not nerding it up
Instead Wheaton”s Syfy version of “The Soup” has tried to capture a broader audience.

“Silicon Valley”s” Kumail Nanjiani launches an “X-Files” podcast
Each episode of “The X-Files Files” will tackle a different episode of the sci-fi classic.

Tyler Perry”s OWN drama “If Loving You Is Wrong” rounds sets its cast
The series follows a group of husbands and wives living on the same street.

What it”s really like to win the TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battle that inspired “Silicon Valley”
Craig Walker, CEO of UberConference, says last week”s episode was pretty dead-on: “I get guys who are just like each of those guys. I don”t think we have any like full-blown Satanists, but we do have loud agnostics.”

Watch TV”s greatest catchphrases, compiled
The “Today” stars also revealed their fave catchphrases.

In Season 2, “Orange is the New Black” becomes a smart drama that respects itself
“The second season of 'Orange Is the New Black,”” says Heather Havrilesky, “is much less like a manic, comedic prison-themed episode of 'The L-Word” and much more of a smart drama that respects itself enough to lean into its heavier moments without always retreating to the safety of one-liners. In its second season, the comedy of “OITNB” feels more like the comedy of “The Sopranos”; it”s not meant to undercut the darkness so much as sharpen the contrast and turn up the dial on the show”s overall emotional impact.” PLUS: Season 2″s first 6 episodes outshine Season 1″s first 6 episodes, Season 2 is even more powerful than Season 1, Season 2 feels scattershot with less urgency, “Orange” might be better off without Piper, how the “OITNB” composers came up with a cavernous sound, Season 2 is more sprawling – like a feast, the real treasure are the flashback scenes, “OITNB” is pretty tame compared to “Caged Heat,” the actual “OITNB” prison is an inhumane dump, go behind the scenes of the “OITNB” set, food is the real star of the Netflix series, a psychiatrist analyzes all the characters, and how the cast approaches playing cons.

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