TV station apologizes for using a ‘Lost’ image to promote its Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 coverage

03.20.14 4 years ago

TV station apologizes for using a “Lost” image to promote its Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 coverage
Omaha”s KETV tweeted a link to “the latest theories” with an image that looked like a doctored “Lost” poster.

CW apparently rejected Lauren Graham”s “Unfamous” TV project based on her debut novel
Ellen DeGeneres, who”s producing Graham's “Unfamous,” revealed in an interview with the “Parenthood” star that “one network” passed on Graham”s show in favor of another zombie show. Ellen says she hopes to shop “Unfamous,” which is based on Graham”s book “Someday, Someday Maybe,” to another network.

“Duck Dynasty” continues dropping
The A&E reality show fell to its lowest numbers in 16 months, falling to 4.7 million this week. Last summer, “Duck Dynasty” was watched by 11.7 million.

CW seems to be out sci-fi-ing SyFy
CW currently has nine genre shows compared to Syfy”s 13. But many of Syfy”s 13 genre shows are either ending or imports from another country.

“Mad Men”s” Matthew Weiner: Don Draper represents American society
“What you”re watching with Don is a representation, to me, of American society,” he says. “He is steeped in sin, haunted by his past, raised by animals, and there is a chance to revolt. And he cannot stop himself.”

NBC to air “Prince Harry's South Pole Heroes”
The March 26 broadcast of a British documentary will feature Prince Harry going to the South Pole with “True Blood”s” Alexander Skarsgård and “The Wire”s” Dominic West to raise awareness for injured servicemen and women.

“Franklin & Bash” books Kevin McKidd and Creed Bratton
The “Grey”s Anatomy” doctor and “The Office” alum will play, respectively, the Duke of Weddington and a judge.

Yes, “Scandal”s” Olivia Pope is a feminist
Shonda Rhimes answered one of many burning Pope questions. PLUS: Josh Malina takes us inside the “Scandal” voiceover booth.

Jimmy Fallon coming to Australian TV
Starting Monday, “The Tonight Show” will air every night at 7:30 pm in Australia.

ABC creates a “Happy” music video
The “GMA”-created video incorporates everybody from the Disney-ABC family, from “Modern Family” to “SportsCenter.”

“HIMYM”s” final season has tarnished its legacy
As it gets closer to its March 31 series finale, “How I Met Your Mother” has proven to be unwatchable.

Robert Kirkman isn”t afraid to have “The Walking Dead” kill off Rick
“ABSOLUTELY NOT,” he wrote in a Reddit Ask Me Anything. “Although when I look in Andrew Lincoln's piercing blue eyes I FEEL safe.”

“Dexter” fans keep telling Michael C. Hall they hated the ending
“They'll ask me about the ending,” he says of his fans, “and tell me why they found it troubling or unsatisfying, or on the other hand, they want to distinguish themselves by saying they liked the ending.

Presenting the worst “American Idol” moments
From Kara DioGuardi in a bikini to Ace Young and Diana DeGarmo getting engaged.

Check out Amy Poehler”s brother”s Swedish sitcom
“Welcome to Sweden” is based on Greg Poehler”s life as an American who moved to Sweden to be with his Swedish girlfriend, with co-stars Lena Olin Illeana Douglas and Patrick Duffy. The Amy Poehler-produced comedy is expected to air on NBC at some point.

Why “The Crazy Ones” deserves to live
The Robin Williams-Sarah Michelle Gellar comedy was one of the rare comedic gems this season.

Elizabeth Vargas to write a memoir about her alcoholism
The “20/20” anchor will detail her struggles with alcohol in a book due out next year.

“Community”s” Dan Harmon will be hosting a QVC-style online garage sale this weekend
Proceeds will go to charity.

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