‘Under the Dome’ drops 15% in Week 2, but still looks good

07.02.13 4 years ago

“Under the Dome” drops 15% in Week 2, but still looks good
The CBS miniseries beat NBC’s “reality” entry “Siberia.”

Showtime sets premiere date for “Venus and Serena”
The controversial documentary that the United States Tennis Association will be shown on Aug. 23.

Late-night comedians talked more about Obama’s climate plan than Sunday news shows
Shows like “Meet the Press” and “This Week” spent zero seconds, while Letterman, Leno and “The Daily Show” each devoted at least one minute to the president’s speech last week.

Here’s the “Glee” cast list for Season 5
Who will be series regulars next season?

Johnny Depp kisses Jimmy Kimmel, again and again
Depp couldn’t help himself after Kimmel said he had a “beautiful face.” PLUS: Kimmel is very close to L.A.’s new mayor.

Tracy Morgan welcomes a daughter
Morgan and fiancee Megan Wollover welcomed Maven Sonae Morgan early this morning.

“Happy Endings'” Eliza Coupe hit with divorce papers

Her acting coach husband has filed for divorce just as her sitcom is officially dead.

“Veronica Mars” movie will take a break from filming to attend Comic-Con

“As soon as we’re done, we’ll turn around and come back to L.A. for our final day of production,” says the film’s associate producer.

David Spade gets “Catfished”
Watch his Funny or Die video.

“Gossip Girl” alum joins “Revolution”

Patrick Heusinger will play a “handsome rogue” in a recurring role this fall.

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