Union Jack Bauer: ’24: Live Another Day’ is heading to London

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Production for FOX’s limited series “24: Live Another Day” is heading Across the Pond.
FOX and 20th Century Fox TV announced on Thursday (October 3) that London will be the setting for the triumphant return of Jack Bauer, which is set for summer 2014. 
“’24’ has always had such a global sensibility,” blurbs star Kiefer Sutherland. “But to be able to tell this intense ’24”-style story with the beauty of Europe”s history and architecture as the backdrop is going to be fascinating. Hopefully, by the time you”re finished watching an episode, you”ll feel like you”ve been there… on the edge of your seat.”
Adds co-showrunner Evan Katz, “We wanted the show”s return to be an event, and part of that was putting Jack in a very different context. Four years ago, we left Jack a fugitive from justice and we”re going to pick him up four years later in London.”
This isn’t the first time that Jack Bauer has gone abroad. The 2008 telefilm “24: Redemption” took production to South Africa, earning a slew of Emmy nominations in the process.
Agrees co-showrunner Manny Coto, “Jack is soon back on the run and it takes us into the streets of London and in places that break new ground for the show. We”ve shot in New York, Washington, Los Angeles and Cape Town — but now we”re in London and Jack”s loose on the streets of Europe, hunted by and hunting bad guys.”
So far, few details have leaked on the plot for “24: Live Another Day,” though we know that Mary Lynn Rajskub’s Chloe will be back.
London has been welcoming a number of American series productions in recent years, with “Elementary,” “Parks and Recreation” and “Bones” just some of the shows that have ventured across the Atlantic.

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