‘V’ production fights negative rumors

09.25.09 8 years ago 2 Comments


If you’re a science fiction television fan, you may already have heard the buzz about the production hiatus on ABC’s “V.” If you’re like HitFix, you may even have heard a rumor on Friday afternoon that the remake of the ’80s landmark had been cancelled, or had its order reduced to a four-episode miniseries.

Sources at both ABC and Warner Brothers TV tell HitFix that the most dire parts of the “V” scuttlebutt are untrue, though it does sound as if the show is taking its sweet time to come together.

Network and studio reps say that “V” will premiere as planned on November 3. The network plans to air four episodes in November ending with a cliffhanger and then subsequent episodes will go in the spring, probably after NBC’s Olympics juggernaut runs its course, following a “pod” air strategy. ABC and WBTV both agree that the “V” episode order remains unchanged at 13.

Much of the concern stems from an acknowledged and ongoing break between shooting on the show’s third and fourth episodes. Production sources say the pause was so that the creative team could produce the series to the peak of its potential. Yes, that’s spin. Don’t worry. We know.

As it stands now, production on the fourth episode of “V” is expected to begin in October, possibly as early as the 5th, but maybe as late as the 15th. When that episode is completed, another break will begin before “V” returns to shoot those remaining nine episodes. It goes without saying that if ratings for the November airings are lower enough, all bets are off. That, however, is meaningless chatter until “V” actually premieres.

This all seems like a strange amount of negative murmuring for what has been one of the fall’s best received pilots by both critics and a packed Comic-Con crowd in July.

So, bottom line: People on the Internet are worried about “V.” ABC and WBTV says four episodes will air in November starting on Nov. 3. And the 13 episode order stands.

We will, of course, let you know if we hear anything new.

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