Video of the Day: Channing Tatum leads a Testudo in ‘The Eagle’

02.03.11 7 years ago

The film “The Eagle” starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell, is based on a Historical Fiction Novel “The Eagle of the Ninth,  by Rosemary Sutcliffe, published in 1954. Although certain events in the novel may have been revised in the years since, all are in agreement that the story is historically viable.

It was very important to the filmmakers that “The Eagle” be as historically accurate as possible. They wanted a realistic feel which led to the selection of documentary director Kevin Macdonald to lend an immediacy to the film.

In todays clip, Marcus Aquila (Channing Tatum) has successfully led his troops out into the field in a ‘Testudo’ formation, where the soldiers use their shields together to form a kind of tank that can move through the battlefield as a nearly impenetrable formation. This historically accurate tactic unfortunately only works against armies of men, horse-drawn carriages with rotating knife-wheels are another matter. This pivotal battle scene is the video of the Day.

The Eagle opens everywhere Friday February 11th

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