Video of the Day: Drew McWeeny visits the town of Dirt for his “Rango” review

03.01.11 7 years ago

Often times for press events a studio will have a little area set aside for “Stand-ups.” As the name implies, it’s a spot for the correspondent to stand in front of a camera and introduce the other interviews they have done with the filmmakers and stars. Usually with a large prop from the movie or some kind of gag, but nine times out of ten the backdrop is only slightly more interesting than a movie poster.

Every once in a while, however, a studio will go the extra mile to produce a standup that’s really special. Check out what they did for “Rango.” They dropped our own Drew McWeeny into the town of Dirt with what appear to be multiple angles and multiple takes. To a certain degree it’s a sign of the times that what used to take days of processing power and a full effects studio can happen in a few minutes at a press junket. For this and for Mr. McWeeny’s tremendous ability to act with cartoon characters and muppets, this is the Video of the Day.

Watch the standup embedded above, and read the review here.

“Rango” opens in theaters this Friday, I highly recommend it.

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