Vince Vaughn rebooting ‘The Brady Bunch’ for CBS

08.02.12 5 years ago

CBS TV Studios

Those irrepressible Bradys may be returning for yet another go-round.

The classic TV sitcom is receiving a makeover from “The Watch” star Vince Vaughn, who’s developing a modern reboot for CBS, according to Deadline. Mike Mariano (“Raising Hope”) is penning a pilot script for the new series, which would center on divorced father Bobby Brady (the youngest son originally played by Mike Lookinland) and his new wife, who also has children from a previous marriage. But wait! Not only will Bobby and his lady love have a child of their own, the couple’s respective former spouses will also play a role in the series. Are you laughing yet, America?

Along with Vaughn and Mariano, Lloyd Schwartz – the son of late “Brady Bunch” creator Sherwood Schwartz – will also serve as an executive-producer of the series, which will reportedly feature a “modern” version of the original show’s beloved theme song if it ends up moving forward.

The original “Brady Bunch” aired from 1969-1974 on ABC, though the show’s popularity wouldn’t take off until its subsequent run in syndication. It later spawned several spin-offs, including an animated series, several “reunion” movies, a short-lived variety show and two unsuccessful revival series featuring members of the original cast.

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