Vince Vaughn to play a prolific sperm donor in ‘Starbuck’

05.09.12 5 years ago

AP Photo

Vince Vaughn is preparing to spread his seed in a big way as the star of a new comedy.

According to Variety, the “Dilemma” star has signed on for the lead role in “Starbuck,” Dreamworks’ remake of the French-Canadian film of the same name that won a slew of audience awards on the festival circuit before landing in theaters north of the border last summer. The film centers on a middle-aged man who discovers he’s fathered hundreds of children as an anonymous sperm donor, many of whom are now seeking to find out his identity.

The remake is slated to be written and directed by Ken Scott, who was also responsible for the original film. The studio is eyeing a production start later this year.

Vaughn recently attached himself to “The Internship,” a new Shawn Levy-directed comedy in which he’ll appear opposite his “Wedding Crashers” co-star Owen Wilson. He can next be seen in “The Watch” (formerly “Neighborhood Watch”), the upcoming sci-fi comedy that also stars Ben Stiller and Jonah Hill. That film is slated for release on July 27.

Has anyone reading seen the original “Starbuck”? Do you think a remake of the film can work for an American audience? Sound off in the comments!

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