Wanna see the Batmobile do donuts? You’re in luck

06.29.16 1 year ago

Batman v. Superman wasn”t the monster hit that Warner Bros had hoped for. But one thing it did deliver was an awesome Batmobile. And now fans of the Dark Knight have a chance to see what his car was all about.

Machinima and action sports hero Sal Masekela took the 700 horsepower, combat-ready machine for a spin on a closed course. And the video is awesome.

Masekela explained that driving the car was an amazing experience, and perhaps more than a little scary. “When you have it on, and it”s just sitting in first gear and you”re on the break, the car”s angry at you and your foot starts to hurt because it”s trying to get away,” he said. And as for the sound, “It sounds like you”re actually riding Godzilla into battle,” he added.

More video under the hood the Batmobile will be available when Dawn of Justice comes out on DVD in mid-July. But if you can”t wait, check out the video below.

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