Want A Date With Some “Basterds”?

12.31.08 9 years ago

The Weinstein Company/Universal

Well, then, circle Aug. 21 on your calendar (or just hold on while we add it to the Forecast, so you can set a reminder for yourself there), because The Weinstein Company and Universal have set that as the release date for the new film from Quentin Tarantino, “Inglourious Basterds.”

I’m fascinated right now to see Tarantino working at the pace he is on this one.  Setting a release date of August may seem like he’s giving himelf plenty of room, but what about Tarantino’s announced plans to take this movie to Cannes with him this summer?  Think that’s going to happen?  It sounds like the film’s still shooting until the end of January or even into February, so that post production schedule’s going to be brutal to make a festival screening in early May.

Still, whatever the schedule, I remain profoundly interested in what sounds like one of the strangest films Tarantino’s made yet.  It’s “Valkyrie” if history hadn’t happened, a WWII film where there are no rules.  Anyone can die at any time, no matter what happened in the real world, and I think part of the fun of this one’s going to be seeing what version of WWII Quentin brings to life.  Is this a movie war?  Is this aiming at anything akin to reality?  It’s a very odd cast, a very shaggy script, and enormously exciting.

This is just one of the big titles you can look forward to in 2009.  Curious what else you should look out for?  I’ll have a blog entry up a little later today all about the most interesting or exciting titles you can expect in the new year, so keep your eyes open for that.

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