Want one more ‘Kick-Ass’ character poster?

11.11.09 8 years ago


Have you noticed that “Kick-Ass” decided to jump in this week with their campaign at full volume?

First we got the four teaser posters of the characters all standing above the city with their backs to us.

Good stuff.  I like the fact that they are playing coy a bit with the audience right now.  There’s so much in “Kick-Ass” that it’s hard to know where to start when you’re describing it, and so just introducing characters is a smart way to begin.

Then yesterday, the trailer for the film showed up, and reaction was a little mixed.

Keep in mind, this is a film that covers a lot of ground in terms of tone.  What you’re seeing in a teaser like this is just one of the many colors that the film utilizes.

Knowing that, I think the new poster they released today is even better than the first ones, and I hope we get more character posters done in this style.  These are genuine poster art, and although the character campaign isn’t the most innovative idea in the world, executed right, it’s one of my favorites ways to sell a movie.

Here’s Aaron Johnson as Kick-Ass:

You can thank MySpace for the debut.

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