Was last night’s ‘Mad Men’ about Vietnam?

05.20.13 5 years ago


Was last night’s “Mad Men” about Vietnam?

Is the Chevy account a substitute for Vietnam? That’s what Forrest Wickman thinks: “I have a crackpot theory: After a season that began by teasing a year of violence in Vietnam, this episode”s trip down the rabbit hole finally led to that distant war abroad-a ‘fever dream’ treatment of the nation”s panic not unlike the show’s treatment of the Kennedy assassination-or at least that’s how I’d explain everything that went down at the office.” PLUS: Aaron Staton on “Dancing,” “Mad Men” gives a nod to Muhammad Ali, who was the real Dr. Feelgood?, Why make “Grandma Ida” black?, the 12 most surreal moments from last night’s episode, did the “energy serum” work as a story?, the whorehouse has become a dead horse, and January Jones on anti-Betty hate.

NBC orders “Siberia,” a scripted drama about a reality show gone bad

The adventure thriller focuses on 16 reality contestants stranded on a Siberian island where strange things happen. It debuts on July 1.

NFL Draft likely moving to mid-May, where it’ll compete with network season finales
Next year’s draft is likely to take place from May 15-17, instead of late April.

DirecTV-owned Brazilian satellite company allows customers to record via Twitter
When users tweet a special hashtag, the satellite company connects the Twitter handle with the customers’ home DVR.

Stop comparing everything to “Girls!”

As Salon notes, “‘Girls’ has become the chic reference du jour – its plotlines allowing anyone writing about practically any topic to get a hit of that sweet, sweet SEO (search engine optimization).” PLUS: Spoiler: There will be a “Girls” fight next season.

“American Chopper’s” Paul Teutul Sr. gets a new reality show on CMT
He’ll star in “Orange County Choppers.”

Jon Stewart is still picking up fans in China
“The Daily Show” host has become “the new voice of America in China.”

“Celebrity Apprentice” hits another low
The season finale was down 24% from last year, with just 5.6 million viewers tuning in. PLUS: Where was Bret Michaels?

Kerry Washington: We filmed the “Scandal” reveal many different ways

“It was like a crazy game in acting class,” she says, “where every time I’d get into the car, we would each make a bold choice about the relationship, but we didn’t tell each other what it was.” PLUS: Happy 53rd birthday, Tony Goldwyn!

Watch every Bill Hader impression he did on “SNL”

He’s impersonated more than 80 celebrities. PLUS: Fred Armisen’s Top 5 “SNL” musical sketches.

“The Young and the Restless” losing Michelle Stafford
Stafford has been on the soap for 16 years.

“Rules of Engagement” ends tonight after 7 seasons

“Good luck America,” tweeted David Spade, “you’re on your own now.”

“Comedy Bang! Bang!” returns July 12

Guests this season will include Pee-wee Herman, Jessica Alba, Zach Galifianakis and Aziz Ansari.

Mitch Hurwitz on “Arrested” frenzy: “I can’t believe that anybody gives a sh*t”

When told about the frozen banana stand lines, Hurwitz responded, “You’re kidding!”

Watch a NYC subway car get converted into a late-night talk show
Improv Everywhere performed the stunt for YouTube’s Comedy Week.

Freddie Highmore: “Bates Motel” will end the season tonight with a “fun” scene
Actually, he says, “it’s not really a fun last scene in any way. But it’s intriguing.” PLUS: “Bates Motel” employs tour bus Emmy campaign.

Vanessa Lengies: Why I left “Glee” for “Mixology”

The actress says: “Getting to play Sugar Motta was one of the biggest opportunities of my life, and I met some of the most fantastic people, but I was being hired per episode.”

Drew Carey: “I always feel like I’m going to get fired”

“The Price is Right” host says: “In TV you should never feel like you have a job forever.”

Mel Brooks tonight gets the PBS “American Masters” treatment

“Mel Brooks: Make a Noise” runs 90 minutes and wastes no time telling Brooks’ story.

Check out 17 tattoos inspired by TV shows
From “Curb Your Enthusiasm” to “Doctor Who.”

Prisoners: Reality TV’s saddest stars
Should shows like MSNBC’s “Lockup” be filming prison inmates?

Danica McKellar: I breastfed my son until he was 2 1/2
“The Wonder Years” star is a big proponent of attachment parenting.

New book tells the story of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”

Go behind the scenes of the ’70s sitcom in “Mary and Lou and Rhoda and Ted: And All the Brilliant Minds Who Made The Mary Tyler Moore Show a Classic.”

VH1’s “Single Ladies” adds a Wayans family member

Wayans Brothers nephew Damien Wayans is joining the cast along with Letoya Luckett and Lesley-Ann Brandt.

Creed Bratton says goodbye to “The Office’s” Creed Bratton
“When I boarded this ship nine years ago, I had been signed on as an extra,” he writes on The Huffington Post.

Canadian “Motive” cop show debuts tonight on ABC
The police procedural — which reveals the killer and victim upfront — has a great idea but doesn’t know what to do with it.

Stupid/sweet “The Goodwin Games” doesn’t appear to be built for the long haul
The Fox comedy debuting tonight from the creators of “How I Met Your Mother” has a story that, as the L.A. Times puts it, “does seem particularly well suited for a finite amount of screen time.” PLUS: This comedy might actually work.

“Weird Al” meets The Lonely Island
Check out SNL alums posing with Samberg for GQ’s comedy issue.

“Game of Thrones” is much improved in its use of nudity

As Todd VanDerWerff points out, “I actually think ‘Game Of Thrones’ has gotten quite a bit better at utilizing nudity and sex in the midst of everything else as a method of telling its story. It”s come a long way from the ‘sexposition’ days of season one, when it sometimes seemed like the series would toss some breasts into the background of a scene just in case we got bored of hearing somebody talk at length. It felt vaguely insulting to the actors, who were really giving these monologues their all. Now, for the most part, the nudity on the show has good story reasons for existing.” PLUS: Jimmy Fallon filming “Game of Desks,” Joe Dempsie on being the bastard son of King Baratheon, “Thrones” really has had it in for penises lately, “Thrones” shows mercy on its viewers, Sibel Kekilli and Sophie Turner on the wedding, and Peter Dinklage deserves another Emmy after last night.

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