Watch: 50 Cent has his hands full in official video for ‘Put Your Hands Up’

12.28.11 6 years ago 4 Comments

In the midst of a prolonged battle with label Interscope over his upcoming (untitled) fifth studio album – which may or may not see release early next year – rapper 50 Cent has released a mixtape entitled “The Big 10”, which is currently available for free download on his official Facebook page. Now a new music video for a track off the set entitled “Put Your Hands Up”, which sees the multi-platinum hip-hop artist juggling a score of well-endowed young women during a house party that takes place in his penthouse apartment, has hit the web. It is the third clip to be release from “The Big 10” (you can check out the others on the rapper’s official YouTube page).

The clip, which functions more as a rather monotonous short film than anything else, definitely has a low-budget feel to it – not surprising given that it lacks major-label resources. During the course of its 7-minute length we see Fiddy appraising a score of…erm, busty women (who all seem to represent the same person) as they model a low-cut dress for him prior to the arrival of guests at the party.

Directed by someone named “Jackson Smith”, the video – with its focus on wealth, women and braggadocio – is more or less the exact sort of thing you’d expect from 50 (when cops responding to a noise complaint show up at the door he boasts about the amount of taxes he pays), including its portrayal of the hip-hop star as an untouchable ladies’ man (“you can tell a lot about a n**** by his bitch”, he raps at one point).

Overall, the clip is a bargain-basement affair by 50 Cent standards that doesn’t do anything all that interesting or creative, and it will likely leave fans hungering even more for word of an official album release (or at least the reportedly-completed video for first single “Girls Go Wild” feat. Jeremih).

My grade for the video: “C”. Watch it for yourself below and then rate it at top left!

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