Watch: 50 Cent’s new clip for ‘Baby By Me’

11.03.09 8 years ago

As far as enticements for parenthood go, I guess “Have a baby by me, baby, be a millionaire” works for some. Contract lawyers are standing by.

That”s 50 Cent”s come on for his new song, “Baby By Me,” and it works on the video”s co-star Kelly Rowland… almost. See the new clip here.

What”s nice about the song is it has all the typical rapper braggadocio, such as “I”ll perform for you like a porn star,” but the song is ultimately about wanting to be with a woman in a meaningful way. He”s also telling his lover that he needs her, not just for a night. And in a fantasy sequence of a different sort, 50 imagines himself and Rowland with three little tots and living a suburban life, complete with backyard barbeques and sprinklers. Who knew?

Turns out she”s more of a player than he is.

Then there”s the small problem caused by Ne-Yo, who, like many a featured performer, threatens to steal the show-the song is just as much his as it is 50″s. But clearly, 50 is in a sharing mood.

The tune is clever and catchy. It”s not at all edgy, but it”s kind of nice to see the softer side of 50, even though Planned Parenthood might strongly object to the message. It should come with a warning sign: Kids–don”t try this at home.

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