Watch: Adam Lambert’s video for ‘Whatuya Want From Me’

01.15.10 8 years ago

Oh Adam, why so much angst?  As the video opens, we see Lambert, alone in a spacious apartment, in a vulnerable state. By vulnerable, we mean with no guyliner and alone in bed. We see Lambert moping around his apartment, probably trying to figure out just how many square feet he has. The place is massive.

As the lyrics of the song infer, he”s questioning a relationship and asking what his partner wants and asking his partner (unseen in this video) to be patient with him. Shot in an often jarring quick cuts, the video follows Lambert as he”s thrust  into the spotlight (catch the scene with the paparazzi flashes) struggling with how to juggle all the facets of his life. Intersperse that with some performance footage and you”ve got a vague, intentionally ambigious video that his fans will love.

Throughout, Lambert works the camera like a super model, his charisma leaping off the screen. Someone needs to put him in a movie fast.

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