Watch: Adam Lambert’s new video for ‘Never Close Our Eyes’

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Adam Lambert”s video for “Never Close Our Eyes” takes place somewhere in a dystopian future where all those beautiful multi-ethnic models from the old Benetton commercials have been rounded up and imprisoned. Their freedom may be taken away,  as has their possession of any clothes not in the beige/gray family, but, thank God, they still have access to hair dye, as evidenced by Lambert”s fierce highlights.

Food has been replaced with pill pellets and the days seem to pass in drudgery, scrubbing the floor in a series of coordinated, ballet-like moves, and checking into some plexiglass box that scans our eyes, while Big Brother keeps  constant surveillance. 

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However, Lambert our hero has developed some secret powers that allow a blue swirl that looks like airborne laundry detergent to fly from his fingertips. As the music thumps, he, his fellow automatons, and his magical blue cloud decide to make a run for it.

They are initially thwarted in their jailbreak by guards who spew white smoke at them, which, please, is no match for Lambert”s beautiful blue cloud which easily beats back the white smoke.  Not only that, it has the transformative power to put Lambert and his pretty posse in very bright, primary color-jackets with pushed-up sleeves, like the ’80s!  They are so excited, they temporarily forget to escape and, instead, break out into a dance number. Lambert isn”t known as a dancer, so he”s shown mainly from the waist up, very servicably keeping up.

With the arrival of Lambert”s new album, “Trespassing” at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 last week and this extremely high concept album it”s clear that the “American Idol” season eight runner up wants to be seen in the ranks of the Lady Gagas, Beyonces and Rihannas of this world (there”s not really a male analog of Lambert right now, is there?) And this video shows that he can more than hold his own in their company. 

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