Watch: Adrianne Palicki talks ‘Lone Star’ with HitFix

09.19.10 7 years ago

When it comes to Adrianne Palicki, it turns out that you can take the Texas out of the girl — she was born and raised in Ohio, after all — but you can’t take the girl out of Texas.
After cutting her acting teeth as Tyra Collette on the beloved NBC and DirecTV drama “Friday Night Lights,” Palicki is back in the Lone Star State for FOX’s appropriately named “Lone Star.”
In the new series, which premieres on Monday (Sept. 20) night at 9 p.m., Collette plays Cat Thatcher, daughter of an oil magnate (Jon Voight) and married to a charming con man (James Wolk). As Cat, Palicki got to remain in Texas, but she now finds herself with a fresh hair color, in a new income bracket and playing her own age.
But we’ll let her talk about starting on her new series and saying good-bye to “Friday Night Lights.” The disembodied voice asking the questions is, of course, me. But let’s get real… Who do you want to see in this video? Her or me? Exactly.
[Stay tuned for more of my interviews with a slew of FOX stars, including some of Palicki’s “Lone Star” colleague, in the days to come.]

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