Watch: All sorts of naked happening in Flaming Lips’ ‘Watching the Planets’

11.11.09 8 years ago

Everybody’s gonna be talking about it, so we might as well say it: there’s all sorts of naked going on in the Flaming Lips’ “Watching the Planets” music video.

Naked biking, naked revelry and even naked frontman Wayne Coyne, utilizing, too, his favorite prop, the human hamster ball.

A few weeks ago, the band had an open call to the fine folks in Portland, Ore., for those who were interested in jumping on a bike deadass butt nekkid. Obviously, lots of people were game.

The clip starts out with folks plopping out of a large, spherical vagina-like hamster ball of their own and then it just gets kinda weirder. The track’s pretty good, when I’m able to concentrate on it in seconds-long intervals.

Whatever, it’s about time somebody stripped Coyne naked in a very public outlet. Now cut your hair and put on some clothes, you damn hippies.

The track comes from the Lips’ latest two-disc release, “Embryonic.”  The band is playing live in the U.K. for the next week.

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