Watch: Alison Pill and Mark Webber join a band with ‘Scott Pilgrim’

08.12.10 7 years ago 4 Comments

One of the real pleasures of “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World” is the way the huge ensemble cast is packed with surprises, people who I may not have been terribly familiar with before this film.  In every case, I find that now that I’ve seen them in these roles, I have a huge affection for them.

Alison Pill’s best known role before this for me was probably in “Milk,” but I know people really loved her on the second season of “In Treatment,” which I haven’t seen yet.  Each time I’ve seen “Pilgrim” so far, I find myself really drawn to her portrayal of Kim Pine.  Like many of the cast members, she’s got this entire movie going on in the background of the main movie, and that rich inner life is what really distinguishes this from much of what I’ve seen this year.  These aren’t just types used to fill out the film… they’re each such interesting and hilarious people.  What I really love about Pill’s portrayal of Pine is how her sullen irritation with Scott is played as a joke in much of the film, but she never loses sight of the genuine pain that fuels the character, and she makes it more than just a one-note character.

Mark Webber is a guy who I’ve never really noticed before, and I feel like an ass saying that.  He’s made 30 films already, but sometimes it takes a movie like “Scott Pilgrim” and a role like Stephen “The Talent” Stills to make an actor stand out.  He’s great, perfectly embodying the insecurity and the arrogance that so often collide in the front men of unknown bands.  He steals moment after moment that he’s onscreen, and I hope this is a launching pad to much bigger things for him.

The last video interview in the series will run tomorrow, and it’ll be a head-to-head team-up of Scott Pilgrim and Gideon Graves, well worth checking out.  Then after that, I’ve got that giant one-hour print interview with Edgar Wright which should wrap up my coverage of one of this year’s best movies.

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“Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World” opens in theaters everywhere on Friday.

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