Watch and listen: New R. Kelly ‘Single’ song and album release date

05.15.12 6 years ago


I continue the exploration of my love and loathing of R. Kelly, that time-traveling horndog of R&B mysterium. Today his label RCA announced a June 26 drop date of his new album “Write Me Back,” as well as lifted the veil on another new song from it, “Feelin’ Single.”

Like “Write’s” first song-single “Share My Love,” “Feelin’ Single” borrows from the same strings-dripping ’70s era of soul and disco, this time with Kels fondling playing with the space bars between lonliness and landing the skinny, big-boobed lady of his dreams. It goes up via digital retailers on May 29.

This is the kind of Kelly I like, much more than wasted opportunity “It’s On,” out last week. That track is betrothed to a totally different album, “Black Panties,” which has yet to earn a release date or details.

As suspected, “Write Me Back” is the answer to “Love Letter,” Kelly’s ’50s and ’60s-influenced album from 2010. I fear/fantasize about what the ’80s will bring out in Kelly, who could/shouldn’t pluck a thing or two from latter era Stevie Wonder or “Thriller”-period Michael Jackson.

Below is a promotional video, a behind-the-scenes look at the photo shoot for “Write Me Back.” We learn that ladies love trailers and touching their chests a little bit when they’re looking at photos of R. Kelly.

I’m still debating getting on board Kelly’s Love Letter Cruise on October, I don’t front.

R Kelly Write Me Back cover

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