Watch and listen: Weezer pens World Cup anthem, Rivers Cuomo talks soccer

06.23.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

Katie Hasty

When I was at Bonnaroo, waiting to be let into the photo pit to Weezer, Rivers Cuomo gave us photographers a little something extra backstage: for at least 20 min. before the show, the band frontman juggled with a soccer ball before taking the stage.

With the phenomenal show that he put on, I can only assume the activity got him pumped up. And now Weezer is giving a little something to the U.S. FIFA World Cup Team and fans to get them amped.

“Represent” has been making the rounds over the last couple of days, and today, as the Americans face off against Algeria in the big competition, one can only hope the dance-rock track “with attitude” will help.

Cuomo spoke to the U.S. Soccer organization in a video, posted today and embedded below, saying that he originally penned a World Cup anthem during the “embarrassing” 2006 contest, but he felt a lot more confident about the States’ chances for 2010.

“America often gets a fair play awards, and I love the way we play,” Cuomo said. He’s been a soccer fan, essentially, since birth, and admits he likes to play pickup games while on tour, and regularly plays when he’s home in L.A.

“Represent” is below as well. What do you think?


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