Watch: Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow talk ‘Pitch Perfect’

09.28.12 5 years ago

With its female-centric storyline about a group of bawdy, fun-loving girls who compete in a collegiate a cappella singing competitions,”Pitch Perfect” invites comparisons to the equally irreverent “Bridesmaids” — and judging from the posters for the movie, the comparison is entirely welcome, at least by the marketing department. But according to star Anna Kendrick, it was never intentional.

“It’s not a bad movie to be compared to,” she said. “It’s obviously good company to be in. We just saw [screenwriter] Kay Cannon an hour ago and she was having this epiphany, ‘you guys, I didn’t meant to write a women’s comedy, this was just the script that came out of me, and everybody’s asking me about writing a women’s comedy and was that important to me’!” It was interesting to see that she just wrote this script and she wrote it in her voice… and accidentally wrote this female-based comedy.”

Unlike “Bridesmaids,” the movie delves into the world of a cappella, which was a new adventure for Brittany Snow. “I knew it was a thing, and I knew that there was a sing-off and I’d watched ‘The Sing-Off.’ I think that I didn’t really know the extent of how big and crazy the world was, and how competitive, and the different levels and how people make this their career. It’s a really underground world we were really surprised to learn and be a part of.” 

If fans of Snow don’t initially recognize her in the film, blame her hair color. Though the fiery shade is a great fit for her, it wasn’t her idea. “The same day I found out that I was supposed to be a redhead, I dyed it red. I didn’t even have time to think about it. And I did it for a year.” 

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