Watch: Anna Kendrick has magic powers in LCD Soundsystem’s ‘Pow Pow’ video

11.05.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

Anna Kendrick has skills. I mean, beyond acting skills. She has the pow-power of sending cosmic energy into mens’ minds and capturing their souls in a different dimension, with the help of her thuggy friends.

Wait, what was that? Nonsense? Yeah

Just watch the video for LCD Soundsystem’s “Pow Pow,” which means those in debt to the beautiful “Up in the Air” actress suffer ridiculous special effects. It’s a strange contrast to the party nature of the track, culled from James Murphy and Co.’s latest “This Is Happening.”

As previously reported, the mysterious clip was directed by action writer David Ayers (“Training Day”) as part of the new venture between Mean Magazine and MTV.

It may have fewer homicidal pandas in it, compared to “Drunk Girls,” but it has its own charms.

What do you think of the clip?

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