Watch: Arctic Monkeys get wet in ‘Crying Lightning’

07.29.09 8 years ago

In the glories of green-screened imagination, comes the new music video for the single “Crying Lighting” from the U.K.’s ill-named Arctic Monkeys.

Get this: a band, rocking out on a boat — seemingly powered by nothing — in the middle of tumultuous seas, takes brutal beatings from the waves as they lip-sync and look like a bunch of wet sourpusses. Behold! Up from the salty brine ascends monsterous, glowing figures… of themselves! Rocking out, big time!

Creepy light changes! Sweeping camera work! Lightning and thunderstorms and a 200-foot-high guitar solo!

It’s bonkers and it’s cheesy. I don’t like this video; I love it.

The track comes in advance of the Aug. 24 release of the band’s third album “Humbug.” “Crying Light” will get a physical release a week before that.

Babelgum will be streaming two videos of live performances from “Arctic Monkeys At The Apollo,” recorded in 2007 on the heels of their killer sophomore set “Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not.”

The group has plotted a few tour dates, including stops off at All Points West this weekend and Lollapalooza.

All Points West, New Jersey, USA (August 1st)
Osheaga Festival, Montreal, Canada (August 2nd)
Highline, New York, USA (August 3rd)
Paradise, Boston, USA (August 5th)
Metro, Chicago, USA (August 7th)
Lollapalooza, Chicago, USA (August 8th)
Oya Festival, Oslo, Norway (August 13th)
Way Out West, Gothenburg, Sweden (August 14th)
Beat Day Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark (August 15th)
Highfield Festival, Erfurt, Germany (August 21st)
Pukkelpop Festival, Hasselt, Belgium (August 22nd)
Lowlands Festival, Holland (August 23rd)
Leeds Festival, England (August 28th)
Reading Festival, England (August 29th)
Zenith, Paris, France (November 5th & 6th)
Budakkan, Tokyo, Japan (November 19th)

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