Watch: Attack ad cautions ‘Don’t Trust Captain America’

and 03.27.14 3 years ago

(CBR) With midterm elections approaching faster than most of us would like, we”ll soon be inundated by political commercials peppered with bold claims, blatant lies, ominous voiceovers and bizarre graphics. Looking to beat the rush, Jason Inman has released an attack ad targeting the most patriotic of public figures: Captain America.

Wading deep into the mud, Inman questions Steve Rogers” Army records, his faithfulness, his dancing abilities – he even accuses him of … palling around with terrorists!

Swift-boating was introduced in the 2004 Presidential campaign; does this ad mark the debut of shield-throwing? (Wing-heading? Winter-Soldiering? Super-Soldier truthers?) And who”s this mysterious group paying for Inman”s ad?

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