Watch: Avril Lavigne’s music video for ‘Alice,’ as in Wonderland

02.18.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

The tie-in video for “Alice in Wonderland” and Avril Lavigne’s “Alice (Underground)” is up and, unlike falling down Lewis Carroll’s rabbit hole, it goes nowhere.

As previously reported, it’s been about three years since we’ve heard new material from the punk-pop princess, and this re-emergence gives us mixed reactions. We like hearing her take chances with her voice, the flips and yodels and long notes. But its that latter that chaffes our skin; it’s not pretty, like the piano lines and the dramatic, aching melodrama of the song indicates. Also, rhyming “now” a million different ways sounds just plain lazy.

In the clip, Lavigne predictably dons two different outfits straight from the Hot Topic catalog, her penchant raccoon eyes trading between terrified, bored and pissed (see photo).

Why is she mad? Maybe because she’s been running around a lot and she’s tired and lost and the scenes that she “shares” with “Johnny Depp’s” Mad Hatter have no direction. In that case, we can sympathize with the sentiment.

A disembodied Cheshire Cat face… then a disembodied Avril Lavigne face… right next to Avril Lavigne. Lavigne stands up as she sings “stand up.” And then a dozen clips from the movie are slipped in at the end. It’s an expensive commercial for all the above mentioned products, and Yamaha.

“Alice (Underground)” is the first single from “Almost Alice,” a built-to-order album inspired by Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland,” due March 2. Special editions of it with bonus tracks will be released to — you guessed it — Hot Topic stores. The Danny Elfman soundtrack to the film is due the same day, while the movie goes wide in theaters on March 5.

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