Watch: Barbie’s dramatic first meeting with Ken in new ‘Toy Story 3’ preview

02.11.10 8 years ago

After “Clash of the Titans” dominates 3-D screens through April and “Shrek Forever After” eats up May, the next big blockbuster that will whip up audiences in a three-dimensional frenzy with moviegoers should be “Toy Story 3.” 

The third installment of Pixar’s first major box office and critical breakthrough has been a long time coming and based on a new preview Walt Disney Studios released today, there still is a lot to mine out of these characters.  The best and most entertaining part of the trailer is the first, dramatic meeting of Ken and Barbie.  However, if you play close enough attention, it appears the suave, ascott-wearing Ken isn’t as sunny and carefree as you’d assume.  Yes, there is some real drama and danger in toy land this time around.

You can watch the new preview embedded within this page, or for a larger version click here.

“Toy Story 3” opens nationwide and in 3-D on June 18.

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