Watch: Ben Stiller wants ‘Zoolander 2′ to live up to fans’ expectations

03.04.10 8 years ago

Ben Stiller doesn’t mind that news on “Zoolander 2” is out there and is, in fact, “encouraged” to hear people are still interested.

“It”s nice to know people actually care and want to see it. It”s encouraging. I just want it to live up to the first one, for the fans of the first one. That”s a little daunting,” the actor told HitFix in a video interview. “But we”ll try our best.”

The sequel has been talked about and alluded to for years, but the gears are finally turning, with “Tropic Thunder” and “Iron Man 2” writer Justin Theroux at the helm.

“We are in the process of writing a script. Very early in the process,” Stiller says. “I’ve been trying for years to make a sequel and figure out the right thing and Justin Theroux, my friend, is going to direct it and we”re just going to move forward now. I”m excited.”

“Zoolander” the First only made $45 million at the box office initially, but it had the unfortunate timing of being released a little over two weeks after 9/11 (Sept. 28, 2001).  At the time, Paramount kept the film’s original release date because they hoped audiences would want comedies to take their minds off the recent tragedies. 

That was not the case and box office revenues did not truly recover till November.  Before the horrific events, “Zoolander” was actually tracking for a more substantial opening than the $15 million it delivered. The film, however, did brisk business on DVD.

So that leaves the question: just what “look” can Stiller conjure to compete with “Blue Steel?”

Stiller spoke to HitFix in promoting his forthcoming flick “Greenberg,” due March 19.

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