Watch: Beyonce reveals how she created ‘4’ and what terrifies her

07.01.11 6 years ago

Want to see what it”s like to live in Beyonce”s rarified air? Take 20 minutes and watch “Year of 4,” a mini-documentary about the time Bey took off and saw the world without having to perform. The doc is airing in its entirety on MTV.

If nothing else, you”ll see her without any make-up and definitely more emotionally revealing than we usually see her. Of course, if she had cameras rolling during her whole year off, I don”t know how much of a break she really got. As she points out, she have been performing for a very long time and you get the sense that this is the first time, especially since she split with her father as her manager, that she has really been aware of her own power. She also reveals some behind-the-scenes at the creation of “4,” including the difficulty it took choreographing the video for “Run the World (Girls)” and the extraordinary measures she took to get the dancing right.

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The video really helps put “4,” which will come in at No. 1 next week, in perspective and frames what she was trying to achieve. Read our review here. I always find her very likeable. Here, she clearly wants to come across that way, but also as a tough business woman fully in control of her career…even when she has to deal with a very “artsy” photographer.

Plus, did you know that you can toboggan down the Great Wall of China? If nothing else, that is information worth having.

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