Watch: Big Boi loses his head in video for ‘Shutterbugg’

05.27.10 7 years ago

Outkast’s Big Boi loses his head over, what else, a girl in the video for “Shutterbugg,”  from his upcoming solo album  “Sir Luscious Left Foot:  The Son of Chico Dusty.” The video is seems deceptively simple upon first viewing, but it has some very fun image, such as the puppet band members and the nice cameo from Soul II Soul”s Caron Wheeler. We also get to see the Big Boi fall apart, literally.

We like that they have fun creating a bar scene with only a few kegs, lots of red plastic cups, and a girl and the scene where he slices open his own head is pretty cool.

Otherwise, the video (and we think have no idea if this was intentional) plays out like totally unrelated pictures in a photo album. The scenarios, whether it be the lighted up dancers in all black or the low-riding, Technicolor car have nothing to do with each other.

It”s not a very compelling song, we”re sorry to say, but the video bears at least  a few viewings just to catch everything going on. And to pick out your next camera.

On a side note, we know product placements in videos is commonplace now, but the Crown Royal shot in the first few seconds is so blatant, it”s jarring.


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