Watch: Bjork, Michel Gondry land on the moon in ‘Crystalline’ video

07.26.11 6 years ago

It’s no new news that Bjork is kinda out-there, and now this mere fact is cast on the music video for “Crystalline,” directed by frequent collaborator Michel Gondry.

The Icelandic singer’s face is cast on the earth, as she overlooks the surface of the moon, which dances with stopmotion and drawn animations from the famed director. Actual crystals emerge from the crust and the dust and rock eminate vibrations like speaker heads.

Eventually, Bjork climbs down from our planet to bounce around in bubbles and the trip-hop breakdown and meteors shatter all the bio-glass.

It’s exactly a premise appropriate from the singer/songwriter.

“Crystalline” was the first song to emerge from “Biophilia,” Bjork’s new album due Sept. 27. The album is the singer’s first “app” album, with an iPhone/iPod/iPad application provided to correspond with each song. “Crystalline’s” plays out somewhat like a game through the tune, with the user able to climb through tunnels to collect crystals that alter the song’s sonic elements.

And remember, it was all the way back in March 2010 that Gondry told us that he was reuniting with Bjork for a new project. This world has been at work for while.

No word yet when Bjork plans to bring her insane circus of awesome to the U.S.

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