Watch: Bob Dylan’s video for ‘Must Be Santa’

11.16.09 8 years ago
Is Bob Dylan nuttier than a fruitcake? The evidence strongly suggests yes in the video for ” Must Be Santa.” The infectious polka, which borrows heavily from the repeating theme of “12 Days of Christmas,” is a track off of Dylan”s first holiday CD, “Christmas in the Heart. “
There”s a mildly heated debate about whether the album is a joke or really Dylan”s sincere effort at holiday cheer. Well, the video isn”t going to help clear up matter.  It all takes place at a Christmas party in a lovely home in an era that”s impossible to decipher. Could be current, could be the early ’60s. It”s Bob”s world, he makes the rules.
The video, which premiered on,  is the first that Dylan has appeared in since 1997″s “Not Dark Yet.”
Sporting  a  top hat (and then fedora) and a blunt, chin-length wig that recalls a wacked-out cross between Tom Petty and Anna Wintour”s hairstyles, Dylan seems above the fray as the raucous party goes from nice to naughty. We think he”s sporting the wig so he could easily use a stunt double in the dancing scenes.

Do you think that”s him dancing in the Santa hat?

Dylan and Santa shrug their shoulder in the closing scene and, in our minds, scamper up the chimney to deliver toys to all the good girls and boys.  It”s a short blast of holiday cheer, but we suspect Dylan”s been dipping into the eggnog one too many times.
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