Watch: Bow Wow gets lucky with ‘Lottery Ticket’

08.19.10 7 years ago

On a sunny afternoon in Beverly Hills we sat down with Bow Wow, young star of the Ice Cube-produced urban comedy “Lottery Ticket.” Currently on top of the world with his first non-kid starring role in his “own” movie, the young musician/actor has a few things in common with the main character of the film.

A sometimes charming, low budget comedy, “Lottery Ticket” tells the story of Kevin Carson, (Bow Wow) who wins a massive lottery jackpot and must ward off hordes of newly friendly neighbors and some old enemies for the long Fourth of July weekend before he can receive his winnings. Kevin and his best friend, played by Brandon T. Jackson must maneuver their way through a maze of gold diggers and loan sharks and try to remain friends in the process. Worth mentioning is another young co-star Naturi Naughton who plays Stacie, the girl next door, and the story’s moral center.

The movie focuses on that “in between” time after you’ve made it big, but before you start to live your success. It reflects on the humble beginnings of many superstars, such as producer Ice Cube, and Bow Wow himself, (although Bow Wow began his career much earlier when he released his first album “Beware of Dog” at the age of 13.)

Bow Wow talks, above, about going to the premiere the “highlight of his career” and shooting in his hometowm of Atlanta. Below, watch two clips from the film with comedy provided by excellent side characters played by T-Pain (Fajeem Najm) in his first acting role as a shop clerk, and Loretta Devine as Kevin’s grandmother.

Lottery Ticket opens Friday, August 20th

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