Watch: Cam Gigandent can’t escape from vampires with ‘Priest’

04.02.11 7 years ago

Screen Gems really likes Cam Gigandent.  In fact, they like him so much they cast him in four, count ’em, four of their movies over the past two years. 

The first one was the critical and box office hit comedy “Easy A” where the 28-year-old actor got to show some of his comedy skills (thankfully the script did the rest).  The second was the unintentional musical comedy “Burlesque” where either Gigandent gave one of the more charismatic turns of his career or Christina Aguilera was just really that bad.  Third, but certainly not least, was the b-movie thriller “The Roommate” which this pundit is happy to say he avoided the urge to see (let’s hope it’s on that next cross country flight).  Now, Gigandent, like a military obligation, is fulfilling his contract with Gems in the new tentpole “Priest.”  And you’d expect with any former “Twilight” cast member, he’s out promoting the new flick in full force.  This week? San Francisco’s WonderCon.

Startlingly, Gigandent is also platinum blond at the moment.  Speaking to him before his WonderCon panel, I tried to find out why he’d made such a drastic change, but the actor insisted he did it on his own and not for a role (or did he?).  In any event, our conversation quickly turned to his work as Paul Bettany and Maggie Q’s sidekick, a sheriff in a post-apocalyptic world looking to save his girlfriend (Lilly Collins) from an evil vampire (played by the always charming Karl Urban who was not in attendance).  Yes, years after playing a vampire in the first “Twilight,” Gigandent is now hunting them.  And as Michael Sheen will no doubt tell you, expect to play lots of vampires and werewolves in your career if you want to be a successful actor these days.

You can find the entire interview embedded in the post above.  Look for more on “Priest” in the next few days on HitFix.

“Priest” opens nationwide in 3-D on May  15.

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